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Application for the HDSA Youth and Young Adult Mentorship Program 

Welcome to the HDSA Youth and Young Adult Mentorship Program Application.  

HDYO and HDSA have partnered to launch, implement, and support the Youth and Young Adult Mentorship Program originally designed from our friends at the Huntington Society of Canada! 

Click here to begin or continue your application. 

The mentorship program is designed to support young people across the United States who face the everyday challenges of growing up in a family affected by Huntington’s Disease. The HDSA and HDYO are committed to offering a nationwide mentoring program that provides youth (mentee) with one-on-one time and attention with another person within the HD/JHD community (mentor) who will receive training, and ongoing support from a Youth Social Worker within the HDSA.  

The goal of the program is to offer young people the opportunity to connect with a mentor who will be able to provide them with valuable support at critical points in their lives. The mentors will be committed to supporting, guiding, and being a friend to the youth.  

Those interested in becoming a mentor or a mentee must complete the application and consent forms. 

All of the information you provide is confidential in the application and within the program, except under very specific circumstances. Please read about the limitations of confidentiality outlined on the consent form and please ask questions for clarification. 

Once your completed application is received and reviewed, you will be contacted by the Manager of Youth & Community Services. They will discuss your application and the next steps that need to be taken in order to continue towards becoming a successful mentor and mentee.  

If you have questions/concerns about the application process or the program in general, please contact: 

MaryAnn Emerick- Manager of Youth & Community Services  

Phone: 212-242-1968 x   252                   

Email: memerick@hdsa.org    


Congratulations in taking the first step of becoming a mentor or mentee!